Sunday, September 28, 1997


oh! the desolation of the yefat to'ar
abused, humiliated, made worthless
the beautiful woman, cast away
as nothing, without anything, abandoned
barren to the world, left to die, sacrificed
to brutal wives who, strangely, have no heart

shaved of support, stripped of humanity, twisted
marred and broken with acid nails sweetly shot
beneath smiles, year after year, reflecting perfectly
the talons of lethal women and the bite of dishonorable men

torn like an animal, ripped from the side, blunted
for slaughter, struck in the shadows, bleeding out
wretching spasms of rage, ugliness and ruin
with chaos iterating sorrow, multiplying pain
cutting the mind, convulsing the soul
utterly destroyed, without a future in the world as it is
completely consumed, making ashes of dreams

who weaves together cells of bloody destruction
dancing like demons in celebration, saying
no need to set her free, no need to marry her
no need to even bury her in the ground
just bury her alive in death
and feed her beaten body to the rabid wild dogs

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