Sunday, September 28, 1997

Falling Like A Laser

and behold
falling, one from the summit like a laser of nevuah
flashing neither dark nor light, yet apprehended, focused behind the eyes
into the mind, from on high, like the cry of a turtledove
some itty bit, a tiny tiny piece yet completely whole
a constructive interference piling up fiery angels
flat against the skin, like filmy smokerings
of a line evaporating on the way making
annihilating and creating operations
with a message of holographic design
emerging from the silence of one more proto-sound
riding into reality, a fusion energy, realization
opening to a song within a song within a song within a song
drawn down, drawn out, unfolded, and mapped
with authority, doubtless, abundant, the relentlessly plunging, yet grasped
story of a fruit flower

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