Sunday, September 28, 1997

Elemental Ivrit

converging into some body
a gripping tsunami of divine wind
physical, astonishingly wonderful, perfectly clear, real
a certain miracle, most lovely, so naturally
yearning, longing, the blessing without limit, writing on the wall
embracing beautiful beautiful splendors
breathtaking, a startling split moment touching glory
a gift of love, a masterpiece of newborn vision
coming into the night
stringing a vowed melody remembering, filling completely
all awareness, powerful, intense, overwhelmingly coherent
forever marking the heart of emotion
reverberating before an unknown impending journey
very near, and still holding you
bright and brilliant
like a warrior of some eternal dream
fearlessly whole, amazed, awed with the song
endlessly riding a gentle fire focusing forward
into a time castle fully alive with life, even now
operating through the deepest darkness
evolving into one peaceful light

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