Sunday, September 28, 1997


through it, to it
one unextinguished fluid flame, reverberating eternally
beyond all leading edges - remember me!
body and soul, head and heart, limb to limb
erupting learning with letters
overflowing, innovative, crazy, dangerously divine
pivoting over edges of instability
ordering chaos, writing up the wall in original script
with the seed of humble genius outspreading, you are my gaon
my splendor, my strength, my cure, my blessing
saying like kadkode, my beloved
communicating this brilliance, impacting my world
crossing over fear, dealing death to terror, giving all, as this so that
flowing with milk and honey, drawing down heaven
through the gate, into every wandering journey, wherever I am
your smell lingers, in every word, guarding every detail
turning over history like a sweet secret
warming my very bones to life, pooling koh
opening my heart to aspire, my eyes to see, my hand to write
zeh, you are exactly the one, transforming my world
and all I will ever need

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