Sunday, September 28, 1997

Human Subject

I am
like a laboratory mouse
and some question reverberates with the breath
blowing insight into the nostrils of this
human subject
what are we made of ... they demand to know us
like sodomites blinded by the light of night
hungry for knowledge, at any cost
to this human subject
trapped like a laboratory mouse in a bottle
and splayed out, for inquiring eyes
in the name of science
in the name of human development
in the name of humanity
in the name of G-d
the experiments continue ever on ...
despite my will, despite my pain, despite the harm
despite this human subject
the experiments go on and on and on and on
without restraint, without compassion
and I see now, with eyes like a mouse
the human animals
won't stop of their own volition
until I'm dead

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