Sunday, September 28, 1997


a flowing fire runs through it, pivoting over corners and edges
an impression timelessly, drawn out, drawn in
a reverberating darkness, resting with the night
considering hidden things, unfolding
shadows of a song innocent in eden
thirsting in the desert, some need curling in between
found, recognized, one
yet separated by fate breathing two lands
into shattering sands
yet against it, destiny still, woman is born

you never knew me, you never did
I never knew you, I never did

yet even now, here
fingers of the endless caress my neck
tottering on the edge, where influence rushes evernew
through this garden of the wilderness, lush with age
where flowers still bloom, creatures still multiply
and snakes still languish laughing
in the light of a smile, in the warmth of a gaze
locked everlastingly in time, one single moment
like a rock, indestructible
the smell of your soulprint lingers
here in my heart
reverberating the primordial touch, I remember
remembering, an eternally tender embrace
and living to tell it, simply in beautiful flavors of chaos
here it is, do you taste it
do you recognize your story in my story

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