Sunday, September 28, 1997

Dybuks In Paradise

strange how it plays, unthwarted
remembering notes tickle the ear
tasting the wind, under the skin
as some ancient ancient harmony falls
off clumsy misfit keys
like a troop of tropes cast down the line
revealing some shared story
with itty bitty itty bitties
always new, always true
splitting crazy moments void of time
marking the heart, into the mind
where shadows dance diligently
down the night
gathering ages into one room
neither here nor there
where small details of real life
reverberate prayers against the rhythm
patterned from the timeless time to come
infusing every word
between every letter, missing none
even then, even now
primeval soulprints run through it
coloring all awareness, calling
from this secret place
dropping a mystical mansion
where giggling dybbuks joyously play
a mystery tune truly true

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