Thursday, November 25, 1999

Witch Dance

a tapestry
a seamless epiphany

of deep shadows
dancing naked with the night

chaos thirsts
ordering the mystery tale

as serpents sing
and scorpions weave music

here, where Lilith laughs
to the sound of brilliance

Tuesday, September 28, 1999

Secret Chord

falling, falling
gently from heaven
moon melodies darkly brilliant
in my eyes
time dances between being and not
concentrating some inner essence
soft as the sound of ashes in the wind
some mysterious tapestry
of insight divine
playing chords of living light
between your heart and mine


relentless, riveting, crazy
maybe even insane
certainly a perfectly misfit madness
playing she-devil rhythm and blues
some iconoclastic tune
as laughing lightning bugs
dance with itty bitty bytes
of irrational disequilibrium
without negotiation

into heaven or hell
only singleminded love
goes there