Sunday, September 28, 1997

Bug Sequence

ancient world, long long ago, the rulers and the builders
experts of oppression, masters of rings
battering with experimental matters, misfitting things
perverting justice, evoking suicidal hopeless ideations
desolating the land with projected nuclear forms
perturbing heartlessly iterating waves of biting circles and lines
emerging from caves creviced with concealed determinations
to rip asunder that divinely joined together
a cataclysmic terror responding, an answering observation
forthcalling from the deep deep rings of a thread
toward the rings of despair formed of annihilating operations
as sequences, nodes and intervals of apprehension dealing death
falling into place, executing a program of destruction
the final countdown to complete annihilation
the planet pauses, pivoting on one ancient nexus split into times
like the arms of a cataclysm coursing down discounted grains of history
spreading as a bug through the matrix
a countdown once buried in the ancient gelling substance
of that shattered world, animating the ages with ashes of bomb dust
while the world unaware continues on ...
experts of oppression, masters of rings understand this ... one sees
measuring darkly, embedded beyond the vacuum, invisibly stringing through strategies
reviving and expanding the condemning function into life

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