Sunday, September 28, 1997

Hom Dai

once cursed
the bitter, bitter exile of returning
te-hom dai
to confusion once betrothed
with a timeless terror once wrapped up
shattered into expression, shorn defenseless
meant to die
tightly bound to a consuming sentence of disarrangement
sealed, marked and plunged
without compassion, mercilessly
into agitating black depths
buried alive
frozen, a terrible ice
sightless and soundless, the deep deep ageless night
roaring with silence, the chilling black fire, the burning frost
biting the mind, cutting the heart, searing the flesh
down to the sacred bone, faithful and true
clinging thoughtbare, beyond will, inhabiting the gut
reeling through the abyss, one eternal flame unextinguished
rising off tattered, desolate emotions
blowing an elixer of redemption in ineffable rhythmless rhythm
leading through it
to you

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