Sunday, September 28, 1997


neither dark nor light, walking on fire, weaving
some power of transformation, some seamless harmony
reverberating along pivoting perturbations
perfectly imperfect
embedded beyond the vacuum, yet ever reaching through it
turning inside out, simply running with the night
seizing moments, tasting of many colors
emerging from where, some sweet evolution
unfurling in mystic rhythm, incensing the wind
proto-anomalies and paleo-disparities
iterating myriads and myriads, like many shepherds
rushing into reality, unleashing virtual diamonds of delight
passion dancing with the eternal language
mysterious motions of stillness, with paradox
kindling keys to treasures, holy shells with divine audacity
resurrecting raining drops like semikhah
from the heart of timeless times to come, into time
penetrating every action, stengthening every recollection

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