Sunday, September 28, 1997

Exotic Light

where land meets sea, without intention, only lishmah
set among rippling quanta of strange time, pure pure natural
eccentricities, contemplating the mystery from some inner place
like stops webbing through a pattern of foaming holes
dimensionless bubbles fielding dimension, unifying souls and beyond
edging edges, stretched out and squashed together, unfolding vessels
essential letters, fluctuating with colors of spin, extraordinary
like nuanced notes of discreteness everywhichway in a single stream
making companion waves against the flow in a matrix of everything
establishing singularities over intercalating paths like tunes tasting it
absurd, crazy, quiet, full of peace, without end, dark and stirring
resonating with overflowing activities isolated to thought and between
communicating, meeting, emitting signs like marking posts for actuality
grounding structure, founding spaces, laying stones of virtual rhythm
from the silent endless sea of improbable probability
perturbations void of past, astonishing, from some timeless time
reckoning, wondering, curiously embedding a discontinuous continuity
stringing a brilliant melody reflecting asymmetries through it
anchoring convergence to the mind, vivid, vital, unique
a perplexing element with handles into the very heart of the matter
containing the deepest, clearest, most exotic light

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