Sunday, September 28, 1997

Quantum Reconstruction

some mystic separation
beyond a city of stone, one stirring hagayon
iterating with indefinate definition
an elemental complexity
where holy shells synthesize human action
dancing thoughtbare, through some recursive program
like an absurd virtual blur, yet without obscurity
within a single stream of female apprehension
against the flow of deep deep quantum chaos
reverberating, yet absolutely still, fully immersed, in it
dissolved, yet not
expressing some holographic observation
through some proto-intelligent field of inquiry
dryly concentrated, yet flowing wet with flavor
nesting the purposeful function
through the asymptotic eye of a penetrating pause
quietly crossing over
tying moments split like shadows about the question
wordlessly piled like piles upon piles gently overflowing
from some timeless time to come
intercalating foci completely connected
fixing convergence into the mind

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