Sunday, September 28, 1997


stamped, fashioned and made
imprinted, sealed, one more name
found, rediscovered

inclined, hearing still
from the edges, and trying
turning to reveal

unhewn, yet pieces
prickly skins reuniting
sweetly remade lights

embodied, written
g'mar chatima tova
of passion dancing

with anomaly
transforming some division
lucid, expressing

vessels to contain
a wordless reconstruction
penetrating time

unshackling dreams, with
love intrinsically linked
implosive and yet

the outflow intense
proclaiming that uniquely
opening embrace

like a gate through worlds
one ritual releasing
secrets beyond stones

heart, mind, body, soul
a glorious symphony
seen in the matter

with the beginning,
middle, and every end

ark sparks through journeys
darkly brilliant, where moonbeams
shine bright perfections

ever connected, illuminating
and protecting forever
our holy union

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