Sunday, September 28, 1997

Night Wind

a night wind shadows the mystery darkly radiant
riding the heart of heaven every single time
plunging from on high, one
two and one more time
all of it off the edge to the soul rhythm
ice dancing with tradition
as electric flames rain down coarse grains
of comprehension and understanding
impulses strangely thoughtbare yet apprehensible
in the space vacated like foaming holes
of some subquantum reality, some kefitzat haderekh
of secret joy, a blessing true - see what I heard
despite the magic cast by a wizard's line
through a witch's mouth meant to cripple and blind
as this laughing lunatic of a shabbat tzadi
from the timeless time to come
jazzes it up with dybbuks in paradise
like crazy bubbles flirting with the blue tune
unfolding this message from my maker for me to know
and for those two to find out
down the breath of el shaddai
now, whatdidya really think you could do?

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