Sunday, September 28, 1997

A New Light

unshackled, rescued from a dream
waking, vital, vibrant, relentlessly real
here we are, naturally coming together
witnessing, expressing one elixer of true life
clear and unequivocal, liberating pure brilliance
splitting the mountain upon a promise, a new light
pouring down, riding a melody of steadfast love
with unique effluence, a singular essence
rippling with song, iterating an ever intercalating radiance
as all worlds emerge through vessels fit, wellsprings
forever joined together in radical amazement

here we are, paying our vows, with our tears and joy
twin horns lighting up the night like a torch
with nothing, yet with everything, inclination to inclination
stringing byte to byte, hand in hand, heart to heart
eye to eye, up the wall riding destiny
like footsteps of a rose in bloom, a human chain
illuminating every corner, vision divine
unextinguished, running and returning
penetrating timeless into time, a clinging ecstacy unbound
as everlasting drops reverberate through endless being

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