Sunday, September 28, 1997

Maggidah Of Raz - How I Learned To Crawl

when i was a baby, i was left alone
in the middle of the living room floor
unable to crawl
but but i could sit up - yippeee!
and then, curiosity made another move
wondering, what if
i turn this way and that, oops!
what did i do?
looking at the floor wondering how to move
without falling .. falling? what say you?
you knew how to crawl, you knew
how to make all the right moves
lifting my knees, my hands, shifting my weight
with the movements, one after another
until i got the feel of it
and you taught me to crawl
so i would not fall, so i would not fall
so i would not fall
you taught me to crawl

so, don't you know, you can't hide from me
because i might just wonder what if again


the Besht went to the place, prayed and lit the fire
the Maggid of Mezeritz went to the place and prayed
R. Moshe Leib of Sassov went to the place
but i can tell the story

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