Sunday, September 28, 1997


the deep deep unknown, a reaching unawareness, colorlessly black and clear
thinly still, timeless yet connected, intensely dark yet reverberating well being
pouring down, lit with returning expressions of living language
brilliantly coherent, in rhythm with the essence of reality
unfolding with purpose, the secret behind my hand, one with the mystery
sharing eternal lights of favor, vessels of complete lucidity in humble bursts
between being and not, saying something yet nothing, both ignorance and knowing
a unifying paradox, a subtle echoless understanding dancing with silence
sealing one pivoting alertness, establishing
from the start, undistorted, from the endless, unextinguished and whole
communicating simply with the poetry of complexity
streaming out, rivers of Eden, abundantly perceiving, some focusing reception
full and sweet, percolating with many mysteries to discover
savoring the gentle fragrance of the future on the wind
teeming with the breath of germinating life, every one to the other
as creatures quietly express the ineffable like soft songs in harmony
shadows and sparks hand in hand
in some frontier land curiously delightful

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