Monday, September 28, 1998

When Ayins Collide - Quark Gluon Plasma

penetrating thoughtbare, elemental, experiential, evidential
material testimonies distinctly marking the matter
rigorous, rigorous the law inhabiting the arc
cleaving between secret prayers apprehended two by two
virtual plasmas of no thing, reverberating neither dark nor light
a shabbat tzadi field of life radically brilliant
in it, some ancient devotion eternally new
bursting through some remnant of female reflection
like quarks with gluons and pion strings rushing against the wind
where creating and annihilating operators run and return
nowhere, somewhere between being and not, entering and leaving
reiterating iterating, with a wondering observation
transmitting no thing, yet something unfolding
the small reaching cry of one I love in need
caught between the panes, released from the window
into my chamber like handwriting anonymously up the wall
collisions in original script, binding up the void
leaping over quantum time in bloom, perpetually present, a gate
to a land erupting letters, ashrei crossing over

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