Monday, September 28, 1998

Recognition - Ha'Carah

driven, relentless, unconditional
one singleminded ambition
with tireless compulsion
some conjunctive perception ever in flux
yet ever unchanging
and, simply more
trying to do the matter, gathering into will
generating intelligence, expressing the power
then and there, here and now
particularly now
to do it, to find that
hearing in my heart, one reverberating cry
broken and alone
unique, pulling toward completion unlike any other
capturing awareness, a gripping recognition, pervasive
one unextinguished inclination, one eternal promise
present like no other
quietly, softly, rushing all barriers
one silent siren call
penetrating the night, astonishingly clear
the very breath of life
you are
bright and brilliant in my eyes
in that bygone yesterday, today, and to beyond a thousand years

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