Wednesday, November 25, 1998

Sitre Torah

one trouble after another, simple rites of passage
of a woman in love, simply crazy in love
creation and annihilation operators whispering of hidden things
unfocused and mindless, yet still singularly directed
as words bend over words, pouring out order in pursuit
straight through some plunging wormhole vacated of time
where worlds stand still like tracks through eternity
unbalancing that nothing pivoting over virtual vapors
congealed into signs masterfully placed
along the way leading with thoughtbare communication
through a mystic hall lined with doors sealed by judgment
unperturbed and eyeing thinly one escape from the side
darkly backed within the closet and falling through it
starkly aware, a peeking epiphany, an event about the matter
a mysterious significance tapping on fear, calling to be seen
one secret treasure coarse grained into history, inescapable
immutable, an unconditional decree, with complete surrender
evolving complexity with clarity, beautiful with a vengeance
neither dark nor light, yet profoundly brilliant
endlessly reverberating from some humble study chamber
multiplying learning through it, to it

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